After 3 months of IVF; endless cocktails of hormones, shots, sonograms, pills, and being poked and proded in the most uncomfortable ways, we are finally pregnant!! Its still way too early to say how many are brewing in my belly, but the beta level was on the low side to be multiples. We are both beyond excited!! Time to go maternity clothes shopping, and looking for a bigger home!

It will be a december baby, December 12th according to the due date calculator! Im so happy to be pregnant again =)

My kids keep calling her “she” and “the girl”. Funny, after Robyn told me about her dream, and my kid’s references, im starting to believe (and hope) that it may actually be a girl!

Another HCG test on Friday to make sure my levels double, then a sono at 7 weeks to see “how many”. I have the feelingits just one though =)


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