Preggo vent…

Preggo vent…

Still dealing with the tail-end of a custody case, CPS in my house (DS told his councellor he wanted to “die” rather than ever see his father again), My parents moving and getting divorced, my sister moving out of state to uhhh…., Grandma in the hospital pratically dying AND uncle having another stroke…


I just want this pregnancy to be over so i can be at peace with something in life. Having the big “i dont wanna’s” now, and just wish this could be a pleasant pregnancy, but its not. I was blessed to have 3 very easy pregnancies, and this one just seems never-ending. I know i cant do anything about it, and even if i did, it would hurt my baby! I keep telling myself… 13 more weeks…

Sorry to complain i had to let it out!


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