Preemie Fears…

Preemie Fears…

Ok, now how the heck do you get past the constant worry?? DD has been breathing heavy, and we thought she was weasing. So, of course, i panicked. Especially since my mom was over yesterday, and conviently didnt tell me she had Pneumonia!! I called the ped, and had the entire office in a craze! (This ped was actually MY ped from birth). So we get there, go directly to the back (we are not allowed to wait in the waiting room, so we have to call everytime we go). Dr was in our room in minutes, in panic, thinking she couldnt breathe at all (i guess the nurse didnt convey my message well). All turned out fine, just a bit of nasal drippage. So saline drops and saline breathing treatments. No infection, no respitory distress. And, shes finally back to her birth weight.

Is this normal? For me to jump at every wierd sound? Im terrified of RSV, and she has not yet had her first shot. Ugh, how do us mamas relax? Or is that not an option? Im just feeling … Dh understands, but my family thinks im an overprotective, baby hoarding mama…


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