Lil Melody

Lil Melody

…Is very sick, and has been for over two weeks now. She started off with an eye infection, well over two weeks from now. Its finally almost gone. And Tuesday last week, she came down with a upper respitory infection, due to her low immunities. Poor babe is snotty and absolutely miserable. All i can do for her now (other than medicating her) is cuddle and love her!

On a good note, we’ve been going strong with nursing now for 7 weeks!! She will be 8 weeks on Monday. I cant believe we’ve done so well for so long! Im her main source of fighting any sort of problems, so im very happy ive done this much as to now! Chad’s family has been very supportive, which strives me to go further with it all! Mine doesnt seem to care one way or the other. But thats another story all-together!

Anywho, i know im way behind on my blogging, ill try to pop some past in to make up for lost time!

Melody is now 7lbs 3oz! A big gain since shes was born at 4lbs 13 oz, only 7 weeks ago! Shes our fighter! Our teny tiny princess!

Anywho im tired, and will catch up with everything soon!


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