Our life

Our life

Well, much to my surprise, im getting many more hours at work! Yay! One of our fellows got sick, so that will help a ton!!

FYI, we are looking for a radiohead applique for Thom’s hoodie!! Its very important! Please email me if you find one!!!

Anyways, on to more FAMILY news!!

I dressed mel up today in a skirt, and she spent most of her day twirling about, like the princess she is! On her tippy toes too! She may yet be a ballerina!! She needs an itty bitty tutu!!!

OHHHH and she is NOW 22lbs!!! yay mel!



My Mommy says im sooooo pretty!!!


Even when i eat spaghetti!!!



My doggies got new clothes today!!


They love eachother so much!!!
And they love me when i drop my sketti!!

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