Melody’s Therapy…

Melody’s Therapy…

After 2 weeks of preparation (i wanted to make sure she would be the right one), Melody met with her new therapist today! She was nervous going in and happy going out! Change is scary for the both of us, especially when its a long term situation. Im so glad this is going to work out for her. With time, we all shall see the healing come.

Lets all pray for Melody…

She made more progress in one session than she has made in years. She’s excited to heal and get better, which is the most important thing. We are busy at home “setting boundaries”, ie get dressed in your room and stay clothed. Go to bed in YOUR bed. ect. Its hard being a parent when your such a squishy one.
That being said, we are excited to go back next week and see our therapist and move forward.


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