Today has been kinda like Christmas

Today has been kinda like Christmas

20170315_152951Well it started yesterday when i got Melody’s artwork bag and one of her silly face, and an art work magnet. I love that little Sunshine she made, its on alot of things now thanks to Shutterfly. And was free because i saved my coupons like a good girl! Just shipping, which my husband says its not free if you pay shipping. Well it also ain’t 20 bux a bag! Whatever.

Today i got her little puzzle. And of course i picked the 252 piece instead of the 64. DOH. She cant do those! That  was yet another “freebie”.

Then i got my new med ID charm with all the right meds engraved in the back. When i got the first one, i wasn’t on asthma meds. DOH. I couldn’t return something that wasn’t their fault 😦

Then my shipment from USPS came of 4 inhalers. Paid 3.70 for all 4, so i was super happy when they came. My FIRST one was wp-image-8103910jpg.jpg$76!!! Then off to the pharmacy for nose spray and more meds for my mouth and stuff.

So its been alot of running around and deliveries, but a good day so far. Except my damned mouth still hurts.




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